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Collecting/Utilize Personal Information (DATA)

[Objective of Privacy Policy]

1. Apply and Manage of Membership

The Company collects and saves personal data to, request and apply for the Membership, authorization for identification in order to use the Service for the Member, maintaining and managing Membership, authorization for identification to use the Service, prevent from wrongly use of the Service, to register any inconvenience and preserve the records in case of a dispute.

2. Service Provide

To provide the Service the Company collects the least personal data to assist with reservation, payment, cancellation and no-show. Additional personal data may be needed during the course of using the Service. Personal information category, the reason for collecting the data and the storage period will be notified when requesting for additional information and the Company will request for your user’s consent.

3. Service renewal, Development of new service and marketing, statistics and survey on the Service

Collected data could be used when renewing the Service, new service development, customized service and for service marketing. And also the data will be used to establish the statistics analysis regarding the service availability, advertisement, event information and participation rate.

[Personal Information Category of Collection]

1. Must Information

Password, Name, Email address

2. Selective Information

Date of Birth

3. Additional Information

At the time of making the reservation and making the payment- Contact Information (when the person who made the reservation and the person who is visiting is different than please input the visitors name, contact number, email address)

Booking Cancellation and No-show- Name of the Account holder(the account where the refund will deposit into), account number, card holder’s name, credit card number, expiration date of the credit card

4. Automatically collecting information and the method of collecting

Collecting category- IP address, cookie, visiting date, record of faulty usage of the service, device information (model, OS version, device ID, IMEI etc.)

Collecting method- The Service provider many automatically generate information about the user while the user uses the service and save (collect) the information.


[Personal Information process and retention period]

The Company deletes/destroy personal information at the time of termination of the Membership.

However, personal information can be stored safely for a designated amount of time, even after the termination of membership, if the Company has obtained separate consent from the user to store the personal information for a certain amount of time, or if the Company is obligated by law to store the information for a specific time period.

Relevant Provisions Objective Collecting Information Retention Period
Personal Protection Act Statistics, Studies, Research De-Identification, Date Anonymity Information Semi-permanent
Electronic Communication Privacy Act court warrant request by investigation firm IP log-in record 3month
Consumer Protection Act of Electronic Ecommerce Consumer complaint or dispute record check User recognition, dispute records 3years
Payment and product purchase record User recognition, contract/ termination record 5 years
Record of Contract or termination of contract
Electronic Financial Transaction Act Electronic financial record Records on electronic financial transaction 5years
Law on Usage and Protection of Credit Information Credit information collect/ process and usage record Credit information collect/ process and usage record 3years

[Rights to agree or disagree to collecting personal information]

1. You have the right to refuse to agree to the collection of personal information. You have the right to withdraw from the agreement at any time.

2. When you disagree to colleting of personal information, it could prevent you from using the Service or cause inconvenience when using the Service.